Shark tooth hunt draws thousands to The Sands

shark tooth hunt

Shark tooth hunt draws thousands to The Sands

shark tooth huntNearly 2.000 kids of all ages turned out for the latest shark tooth treasure hunt on Saturday to enjoy a day out and hopefully find a one-of-a-kind prize. The event, organized by Audrey Flores of Shark Teeth Expeditions in Charleston with Beaufort’s Mike Harris, aka The Shark Tooth Fairy, brought kids (with parents in tow) from all over to The Sands in Port Royal for some fun.

Beaufort isn’t unfamiliar with these events. Harris knows the thrill of the hunt all too well and has hosted eight organized hunts for kids over the past several years at The Sands Beach in Port Royal. “I absolutely love this. The turnout is just amazing.” Harris said. “I’m here to talk with the kids and to teach them about the things they’ve found. That’s the most important thing to me.”

Combing our local beaches and looking for these treasures in your own time could literally take a lifetime to find one, but on Saturday Flores, Harris and friends hid over 500 pounds of sharks teeth and an additional 200 pounds of megalodon teeth throughout the beach and in the water.  The teeth and fossils were provided by John Taylor at

There was more than enough to go around as folks were finding them right up to the end of the 6 hour event.

Mike said during a live video of the event that he is passing the baton over to Audrey and she’ll be organizing future hunts at The Sands, but he’ll be there to take in the fun and to teach the kids.

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For Flores, the height of the day came when someone told her that it was the best event in their whole life. “Putting on the Shark Tooth Frenzy event could not have been more fun,” a teary-eyed Flores said. “These kids, it’s just amazing.”

“We’re so fortunate that all these kids came to enjoy the day with us at The Sands. We wouldn’t be able to do it without awesome parents and their shark teeth loving kids.”

Also, this one could be world’s largest shark tooth hunt on record. Taylor, who is one of the biggest shark tooth collectors in the country, said he’s never seen a shark tooth hunt come anywhere close to this one in size.

The event raised money for the local Lowcountry chapter of the March of Dimes.

Enjoy some photos of the fun. For more, visit our Photo Gallery here.

Photos by ESPB/Brittany Morgan

shark tooth hunt

Mike Harris, The Shark Tooth Fairy, talks with kids about the fossils they found at the Shark Tooth Frenzy on Saturday. ESPB photo

shark tooth hunt

Audrey Flores of Shark Teeth Expeditions worked with Mike to organize the event. submitted photo

shark tooth hunt shark tooth hunt




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