plaza staduim theater

Plaza Stadium movie theater to be replaced with Publix grocery store

plaza stadium theater

The Plaza Stadium Movie Theater in Beaufort will be replaced with a Publix grocery store. (ESPB photo)

As long rumored, redevelopment of the Beaufort Plaza Shopping Center apparently is now moving forward…and it’s costing Beaufort its only movie theater.

According to an article in the Beaufort Gazette, plans are to demolish the Plaza Stadium Movie Theater and replace it with….a Publix grocery store.

According to the Gazette, city documents show Beaufort Plaza Stadium movie theater, a car shop and other retail space would be demolished to build the 48,000 square-foot store.

Also….it’s been widely speculated (that Beaufort rumor mill again) that Panera Bread will be coming into the shopping center as well. A source involved in the project has confirmed that the spot where the old Taco Bell used to be is where Panera will set up, if they indeed decide ultimately to come to town.

While certainly not good news for locals who like to go to the movies, thankfully we have the Highway 21 Drive In to make up for our collective loss.

No timetable has been set and there has been no statement by the theater’s owner as to how long it will still remain open, nor have we heard of any other plans to build a new movie theater in Beaufort.

More info will be provided as it becomes available.