Parris Island Family Day and Graduation: What to Expect



Graduation is two-part: Thursday is Family Day and Graduation is Friday.  Parris Island will have activities planned for both days.

Family Day includes two events in your Recruit’s final training days including the Motivational Run, the final run for the recruits. Recruits will also be offered time to visit with family and friends. Families usually enjoy picnics in the many spots on Parris Island.

There is no limit to the number of guests the new Marines may have on the Depot for the Family Day.

Graduation will take place on Friday morning and is the culmination of Recruit Training. For the exact dates of specific graduation ceremonies, check the Graduation Schedule. The ceremony begins at 9 a.m., so guests should be in their seats well before then. You can expect it to be about an hour long.

There is no specific dress code for Graduation or Family Day. Visitors are reminded to consider the weather on Parris Island, which can be very hot and humid in the summer. To show support for your new Marine it’s tradition to wear the color of his or her battalion. The color for 1st Recruit Training Battalion; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta companies, is red. The color for 2nd Recruit Training Battalion; Echo, Fox, Golf and Hotel companies, is yellow. The color for 3rd Recruit Training Battalion; India, Kilo, Lima and Mike companies, is blue. The color for 4th Recruit Training Battalion; Oscar, Papa and November companies, is maroon.

Current and former service members are permitted to wear uniforms to graduation on Parris Island in accordance with the uniform regulations for their individual branch of service.

Visitors to Parris Island must have a valid U.S. government-issued photo identification card. Visitors driving vehicles must have a copy of the vehicle registration and proof of auto insurance. Parking passes are not required for those coming for graduation and other related events. You’ll want to arrive early each day at the Depot to avoid long lines at the gate.

For more information and frequently asked questions about visiting Parris Island for Family Day and graduation, visit this helpful link.