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Monsoon season? Beaufort’s been getting soaked

beaufort rain

Summer. Beaufort. Rain. It’s been a soggy past week or two in the Beaufort area and there’s most likely more to come.

On Thursday morning alone, the City of Beaufort received 3.63 inches of rain with 2.87 inches falling within a one hour period.  As a result of this rain event, the City experienced flooding in several areas including downtown.  Fortunately, it came down at low tide which meant that many other areas  were spared from flooding.   

According to Weather Underground, in the two week period since July 7th Beaufort has seen nearly 10 inches of rain, with a 50 to 75 percent chance that more will fall in each of the next ten days.

beaufort rain

According to a release by the City of Beaufort, city personnel are very active ensuring pipes, ditches, and drains are free of debris.  Additionally, City personnel, with the concurrence of SCDOT will emplace traffic restrictions in flooded areas.  

City safety officials recommend in the strongest terms that residents and visitors pay very close attention to the weather reports and tidal data.  Based on the character of our environment (Lowcountry), periodically, we can expect more water to fall than the drainage system is capable of processing…especially at high tide.   
The public may assist in the following ways:

1. Remain situationally aware by paying close attention to the weather and tidal reports.  If you are in a low lying area, please take those steps to protect yourself and your property.  In essence, be proactive.

2. Ensure drains, pipes, and ditches are free of debris in front of your homes or business.  If unable to clear debris, please contact the City of Beaufort Public Works Department at 843-525-7054 between 7:30am – 4:30pm during working hours and 843-524-2777 after hours or on weekends.  City employees will be on call to address issues as they present based on the level of severity.   

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3. Do not attempt to drive on ANY street that appears to be flooded or prone to flooding.

4. For those in need, sandbags are available at Southside Park for pickup.   Please call 843-525-7054 for details.  

Also, the City of Beaufort is continuing to work on detailed plans to address flooding in the nine (9) most affected areas.  The process of addressing the nine (9) major challenged areas is both time consuming and very expensive.  It is estimated that there are $15 million dollars of work that needs to be done across the City and in many locations that fall outside of the City’s regulatory jurisdiction. The release added that City officials are committed to finding solutions and funding sources to provide relief to the impacted areas.

Photos courtesy of Eric R. Smith, Captured Moments Photography

beaufort rain beaufort rain