Miracles happen: Beaufort takes a snow day

beaufort snow day

Aerial photo of a snowy downtown Beaufort taken by John Wollwerth

Beaufort finally got a snow day with freezing rain, snow and sleet falling on the area for most all of Wednesday morning and afternoon, freezing our bridges over and making life a bit tricky. About 4 inches fell on the area from the winter storm that some jokingly referred to as ‘snomageddon’ or the ‘snowpocalypse’; Winter Storm Grayson. It was the 3rd highest snowfall recorded in South Carolina history.

We’ll call it a good time.

There were a few auto accidents around the area, closed bridges onto and off of the islands, and snow, ice and sleet affected roads all over the Lowcountry. With temperatures dropping into the 20s on Wednesday night, there’s concern for dangerous road conditions again on Thursday morning even though the storm is over. 

Lots of local businesses closed on Wednesday but some of our local restaurants were open for hungry patrons.  Beaufort’s got to eat, right? 

Schools, local government offices, local military offices all remained closed with some opening back up on Thursday.

The weather caused a morning pandemonium throughout the area as we all woke and Beaufortonians spent the earlier part of the day wondering what was going to happen…then they spent the afternoon having some outside fun. 

Kids of all ages enjoyed it, playing outdoors all day long. For some it’s the first time they’ve ever seen any snow, ever. The white stuff is a rare treat in these parts, and you can count on one hand the number of times it’s snowed in the past 30 years, and that makes it special. 

The snowfall really made for a beautiful scene on some of our area landscapes as well.

Mix the natural beauty of the Beaufort area with some ice and snow and it paints a whole different picture.

And we’ll all refer to it in the future as ‘the snow of 2018’, or perhaps the ‘ storm of 2018’.  Who knows.

Here are some photos from around the area sent to us by our social media fans, and a few we’ve found too. For hundreds more photos sent in by folks from our community, visit our Facebook page.

beaufort snow day

Lowcountry sledding. Photo by Christal Smith

beaufort snow day

Snow blankets the Beaufort National Cemetery. Photo by LaChelle Funk

beaufort snow day

Photo by Maritza Schmidt

beaufort snow day

Photo by Heidi Lane

beaufort snow day

Christmas lights look better in the snow. Photo by Pam Tritschler

beaufort snow day

A snowy scene in Mint Farm. Photo by Tara Northway

beaufort snow day

Photo by Susan Scarberry

beaufort snow day

Photo by Alexandra Keller





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