Lowcountry Oyster Roasts, ’tis the season

oysterroaststockimage910By Cindy Reid | If fall is here and the temperature starts to drop, then it must be time for that most favorite of Lowcountry events; the ever-popular oyster roast. Oysters grow on many of our waterways and are generally thought to be in season only during months that have an “R” (September, October, November, etc).

Oyster roasts traditionally take place outside where the fresh clean oysters are cooked on a banked fire, usually on a large metal tray under a wet burlap sack.

When deemed “done” they are shoveled ( literally) onto a table and it’s time to dig in! They are going to be hot but all you need is a cloth or glove to hold the shell and an oyster knife to open it.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, tastes the same as a fresh local Beaufort oyster.

Oyster roasts are held as fundraisers throughout the area and many restaurants host them on a regular basis throughout the fall

St. Peters Annual Oyster Roast and International Microbrew Fest

St. Peters Annual Oyster Roast and International Microbrew Fest

and winter seasons. Attending an oyster roast is a great way to support our local charities and businesses.

Oyster roasts are a part of our community. It’s what we do.

It’s traditions like this that make living here so special. It’s the connection between the water we live on and the food on our table. And even more so, it’s the connection between us, our neighbors, family and friends as we stand around in our jackets, laughing, talking and enjoying one of the most unique and delicious  experiences to be found right here in our own back yard.

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Go ahead, grab an oyster and enjoy.

And, please don’t miss these fantastic Oyster Roast Fundraisers this upcoming season. Each is lots of fun, and for very worthy local causes…

St. Peter’s Annual Oyster Roast & International Microbrew Fest
Zonta Club of Beaufort Oyster Roast
Rotary Club of the Lowcountry Annual Family Oyster Roast
Beaufort High School Big Green Booster Club Annual Oyster Roast
TCL Oysters by the Bay
Historic Beaufort Foundation’s Annual Oyster Roast
Beaufort Twilight Run & Oyster Roast

Zonta Club of Beaufort Annual Oyster Roast

Zonta Club of Beaufort Annual Oyster Roast









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