lilies in the river

Lilies on the River goes digital this Mother’s Day

lilies on the riverLilies on the River is going digital this year and partnering with for its 2018 Mother’s Day event. 

“To be responsible stewards of our resources, we believe that going digital will cut down on cost, maximize the benefits of the fundraiser to serve victims and still allow our community a meaningful way to honor or memorialize the important women we hold close to our hearts,” the local organization said in a news release.

Hopeful Horizons has made it easier for everyone to honor the special women in your life this Mother’s Day, . When you visit to purchase your lilies, honorees will receive a beautiful Lilies on the River card in the mail acknowledging that a gift has been made in their honor.

Then, on Mother’s Day, May 13th, the list of names of women honored and memorialized will go live and be displayed in a newly created webpage on with a link that is easily shareable on your own personal social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let your friends and family see and share in the honor, as well as a printable list for your own keepsake.

“The lily is a symbol of hope and it speaks to the important role all the women who are being honored and remembered have in our lives,” said Shauw Chin Capps, CEO of Hopeful Horizons.. “We all know of women who have nurtured us, shown unconditional love and been a role model to us. They are our mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, teachers, mentors and friends. This fundraiser provides our community with a meaningful way to honor and remember those important women in our lives. It is a gift that will keep on giving because the all proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to supporting the life giving work of Hopeful Horizons to provide hope and healing to victims of abuse,” she added.

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To purchase your lilies to honor all the important women in your life for only a $15 donation to Hopeful Horizons, complete the form found at

On Mother’s Day, visit the link at to see the list of honorees.

Your lilies must be purchased by May 4th to have your honoree’s name/s appear on the website and to ensure that they receive the card by Mother’s Day.

All proceeds benefit Hopeful Horizons efforts to provide hope and healing to victims of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. Join Hopeful Horizons and ESPB in our efforts to end abuse and change lives by participating in this meaningful fundraiser.