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Lady’s Island butcher shop closes doors

ladys island butcher

ladys island butcherAfter eleven years, Islands Meat Market has closed up shop. The Lady’s Island butcher shop was the only one of its kind in the area.

Posted to the front door of the Sea Island Parkway business, a note from owner Julian Johnson read, in part, “We would like to thank all of our customers for 11 years of support and friendshi. Unfortunately, due to my health issues, we can no longer perform the day to day operations. It has been our pleasure to be Lady’s Island’s meat

ladys island butcher
A note on the front door at Islands Meat Market tells customers of its closing. ESPB photo


Julian’s wife and partner in the family business, Lin Johnson, passed away last year after a battle with cancer.

Serving the area for over a decade offering a variety of meats and other goodies, Islands Meat Market was the only shop of its kind in Beaufort. Gone is their out of the ordinary selection of veal, bison, quail, duck and other more exotic options as well as a local supply of organic and antibiotic-free selections.

Not too long ago, the local butcher shop was commonplace in towns and cities across the country. There seemed to be a butcher shop on almost every corner. Today, though, it can be hard to find the real thing — and even harder to find a butcher who is trained in what is fast becoming a lost art.

Islands Meat Market will be missed. Truly skilled butchers are considered culinary artists and at the Lady’s Island butcher, you would be able to get any cut you wanted, whenever you wanted.

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Julian, who is also a familiar face at local Farmers Markets in downtown Beaufort and over in Port Royal, ended the note by telling everyone he wishes them well.

We certainly wish Julian well and will continue to enjoy seeing him about town.

Rumor has it that the market is going to reopen sometime in March under new ownership. While only a rumor at this time, we welcome it, and if true, we’ll be sure to visit frequently.

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