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Hunting Island sea turtle program offering nest sponsorships

sponsor sea turtle nest
A sea turtle nest is marked at Hunting Island Beach. Photo courtesy Clemson Conservation

Friends of Hunting Island has launched a new program to allow folks to sponsor a sea turtle nest this turtle nesting season along the beach.

The program will help raise funds for the season for the Friends of Hunting Island Sea Turtle Conservation Project including supplies and equipment necessary to monitor nests along the beaches.

The adoption fee has been set at $50 and anyone can adopt a nest for themselves, for a friend or family member and even local businesses can get in on it. Those who adopt are even able to follow their nest through Friends of Hunting Island’s loggerhead blog, which has nest-specific information and will also have the hatching info for the nest later on in the season.

“We’re excited to be able to do the nest sponsorships this year,” said Carol Corbin of FOHI. “We’re very serious about our sea turtles and have come up with several ways to increase awareness of our turtle program and of the other things we do year-round at Hunting Island.”

Hunting Island has gone through many changes over the years and the changes can be particularly hard on loggerhead sea turtles. Hatchlings that are born here ‘imprint’ on our sand and full grown females return to the same area they were born 20 to 35 years later to lay their eggs. The mamas coming to lay eggs today were more than likely born here many years ago and are not aware that things on the island just aren’t the same.

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sponsor sea turtle nest
Loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings emerge from their nest and begin to make their way to the ocean. (ESPB photo)

The nest sponsorships are tax deductible and will help the organization purchase the necessary equipment and supplies for its 175 member volunteer team who take turns walking the beaches every year from May 1st through October 15th and will assist the organization’s outreach to educate the public about our local sea turtle population.

For more information or to sponsor a nest, please visit is a proud partner and supporter of Friends of Hunting Island and its Sea Turtle Conservation program, and encourages nest sponsorship.

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sponsor sea turtle nest

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