Beaufort History Museum to offer free admission this Friday

beaufort history museum

Beaufort History Museum to offer free admission this Friday

beaufort history museumThe National Park Service will hold the Inaugural Celebration of the Reconstruction Era National Monument at 10am in the courtyard at the Beaufort Arsenal on Craven Street in downtown on Friday.  In support of this event, the Beaufort History Museum, located on the second floor of the historic 713 Craven Street compound, will offer free admission to its Reconstruction Exhibit from 10am to 4pm on Friday.

Beaufort History Museum’s special Reconstruction exhibit illuminates a fascinating era in the history of South Carolina and the nation. It provides a key introduction to the tours of Beaufort’s Reconstruction Era National Monument Sites planned by the National Park Service.

Titled “Islands of Hope in a Sea of Distress,” the featured Exhibit tells the stories of Reconstruction in the Beaufort District through original photos, text, documents and artifacts. It focuses on four main areas: Education, Politics, Commerce and Agriculture.

beaufort history museumLawrence S. Rowland, Professor Emeritus at the University of South Carolina Beaufort and authority on the history of the Beaufort District says, “The Reconstruction Period of American history (1865 – 1877) began in Beaufort, S.C. It was the most radical social transformation the nation has experienced. The Reconstruction Period in Beaufort changed the town and the Sea Island region forever. This is where the ‘New South’ began. This exhibit recounts Beaufort’s unique part in this national story.”

Beaufort History Museum has evolved to focus specifically on the history of the Beaufort District. It strives to manage and display artifacts and documents held by the City of Beaufort, telling the compelling stories of this area from the early 16th Century until modern times. 

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