good aura

Good Aura brings new fashions to Beaufort

good aura

Good Aura store owner Melinda Henrickson and manager Monica Pennington.

If you love fashion and lean towards a more organic lifestyle, then you’ve got a new friend in town. Specializing in sustainable women’s wear and bringing along lots of fun and fashion with a purpose, Good Aura recently opened in downtown Beaufort offering trendy clothing and accessories.

The new spot at 221 West Street offers a variety of environmentally-friendly clothing including outerwear, dresses and t-shirts, along with accessories, bags, wallets, jewelry and lots more. The store’s inventory comes only from certain manufacturers who provide jobs to lift women out of poverty in other parts of the world, with clothing and accessories made from environmentally friendly materials like bamboo, eucalyptus, and organic cotton.

Owned by local, Melinda Henrickson, whose idea to bring a sustainable clothing option to Beaufort felt like the perfect opportunity to blend her passions with her business experience…the store will undoubtedly become a welcome addition to our thriving downtown retail scene.

good auraMelinda, being from a military family and moving often, finally settled on Beaufort as her spot. “I’ve wanted to own my own brick and mortar store for a long time. As a military family who frequently moved, it wasn’t possible. Once my husband retired from the military, we were able to plant roots and I was able to pursue a new career with meaningful work. Our mission at Good Aura is primarily focused on supporting women, protecting the environment and ending generational poverty,” she said.

In fact, every single one of the clothing lines at the new store have business models that support one or more of these tenants in their supply chain.

“After the oil industry, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Sustainable processes are kinder to the environment and to the people involved in the production process.”

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Saying she has a hippie-heart, Melinda explained that it all hits home with her. “This is especially close to me since our daughter is adopted from Ethiopia. The store is named after my grandmother, Aura, who used to get her hair done in the exact same building when it was home to Bay Haircrafters.”

So far, the response to Good Aura has been very good since opening its doors in March. According to Melinda, most people have been extremely positive and some have even thanked her for doing something new.

“Many people have questions about what sustainable apparel is, but end up embracing the message behind it once it’s explained.”

The store celebrated its grand opening with several hundred friends and members of the community on Friday, April 6th, with a party that included live music, food, wine and four very interesting (and quite memorable) live mannequins named Amy, Dawn, Karen and Louise.

If the turnout was any indicator, Good Aura will be a new fixture in downtown and will stick around for a long time to come.

Check out Good Aura on Facebook here, and visit their website here.

good aura

Hundreds of friends and community members celebrated Good Aura’s grand opening on Friday, April 6th. L to R: Karen Wyman, Monica Pennington, Sean Henrickson, Melinda Henrickson, Dawn Pemberton, Louise Hall