Flavorful new Nevermore Books opens in downtown

Check out Nevermore Books on downtown's Carteret StreetNevermore Books opened its doors Tuesday morning on downtown’s Carteret Street. After three months of design and working hard at building a library of classics to offer, owner Lorrie Anderson opened the store today and we went to take a look inside to see what we could find..

Boy, we sure were drawn to the selection.

Housing lots of first editions of several classics and signed copies of treasured oldies, this isn’t your typical bookstore. Personally, we saw books that we never even knew existed, written by authors we know very well.

“If you’re looking for new releases or current stuff, this isn’t your place,” said Lorrie. “We center on the obscure; the titles you won’t find anywhere else,” she said.Nevermore Books opens in downtown.

Walking by the shelves full of Shakespeare’s works, rare works by Tolkein and even a hardbound special edition of Alice in Wonderland, we saw what she meant with our own eyes.

“Lots of the titles we carry are very special. They’re treasures,” Lorrie said. “Coming in to browse will just hook you. There’s definitely something here for everyone’s taste.”

At first glance, with the name of the store right our of an Edgar Allan Poe novel, one would say the store carries the “macabre”, but looking deeper into the selection, the ‘macabre” is only one of the many things you’ll find there.

You can find art, vintage editions of the world’s greats and even a very eclectic selection of vinyl record albums from the 60’s & 70’s.

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Check out Nevermore Books on downtown’s Carteret Street next door to Breakwater Restaurant.

Check out Nevermore Books on downtown's Carteret Street Check out Nevermore Books on downtown's Carteret Street never6 never7 Check out Nevermore Books on downtown's Carteret Street


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