first sea turtle nest

First sea turtle nest of the season found on Fripp Island

first sea turtle nestOur local turtle season is starting to pick up. In addition to the first nest of the season being found on Daufuskie Island on May 8th, Saturday morning saw Fripp Island’s first nest of the season.

Walking along Fripp Island Beach bright and early in the morning, the Fripp Island Turtle Patrol came across the freshly dug nest.

“This was not an easy nest to find, as mama hid the incoming crawl, by doubling back on it, on her way back to sea,” said Linda Freeman, volunteer with the program.

“Only a little section, of the incoming crawl, down by the tide line, was visible, definitely not your typical nest. However, the signs of thrown sand were very evident, so we knew mama nested for sure. It was no easy task, but perseverance paid off.”

We’re looking forward to a super fun turtle season. Thanks to all the volunteers who comb the beaches of Fripp, Hunting and Harbor Islands. Follow all the local turtle news all season long on our Facebook page, and you can also visit the Fripp Team and Hunting Island team on Facebook.

first sea turtle nest

Fripp Island saw the first sea turtle nest of the season on Saturday morning. Photos courtesy Fripp Turtle Patrol