Extras? Indie movie filming in Beaufort this weekend

Extras? Indie movie filming in Beaufort this weekend

Filming on Carpe Vegan has begun in Atlanta and moves to Beaufort for the weekend. Photo courtesy VW Scheich

A film crew will be in Beaufort this weekend to shoot Carpe Vegan, an independent documentary about a couple who went vegan and is focusing on their journey through life changes together.

VW Scheich of Rareform Pictures is shooting some of the scenes for the movie in Beaufort, a place he called home for a few years until he and wife, Uyen Le, relocated from the Lowcountry to Atlanta.

Carpe Vegan is based in Atlanta and stars Nikita, a member if the 1996 US Olympic Fencing Team, and Jeff Jerrel, a PGA Master Professional of Instruction as they go into a strict vegan diet for a year. The couple, who are also Scheich’s sister-in-law and brother-in-law, will be traveling to Beaufort this week for vacation and film crews plan to document their vegan dining options while in town, filming in several local spots that include downtown Beaufort and Port Royal.

“We went vegan the last year we lived in Beaufort and it really is life-changing”, Scheich said. “We’re excited to film their journey, and excited to be filming it in Beaufort. Those who want a chance to be in the film can come by, Stop into the restaurants and order up something vegan, and we may just come by and talk to you about it.”

Indie movie carpe vegan Beaufort

Carpe Vegan’s VW Scheich and wife Uyen Le

Scheich also plans to film a round table discussion with local chefs at The Anchorage 1770 Inn about vegan menus and the challenges that restaurants and caterers face if deciding to host a vegan menu.

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The locations and times for filming include Friday at 6pm at Breakwater Restaurant & Bar on Carteret Street; on Saturday, December 16th at 11am at the Port Royal Farmers Market; then at 6pm on Saturday at Old Bull Tavern on West Street.

The film crew will also be at Nevermore Books on Craven Street on Saturday at 4pm.

Scheich is a visual effects producer who has worked on the films Fast & Furious, Hancock, John Wick and The Smurfs among a score of others; and more recently wrote and directed indie films Wallenda and Interwoven.

Scheich is also the man behind Basement Bob, the movie that is set to be filmed in Beaufort which is still in its funding stages

The hope is that the Carpe Vegan will help raise excitement and ultimately lead to increased funding for Basement Bob, Scheich added. “Basement Bob is still a go, but it may be one or two more films down the road.”

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