Exchange Club re-dedicates Freedom Shrine after 26 years

exchangeclub1The Exchange Club of Beaufort held a patriotic re-dedication ceremony on Friday for the very first Freedom Shrine it ever donated, some 26 years ago.

The shrine, located inside the Beaufort County Courthouse, was originally dedicated on August 28th, 1991. “It was the very first one we gifted,” said Exchange Club charter member, Grady Thames.

Since then, The Exchange Club has donated one to almost every school North of the Broad River, including Beaufort City Hall and Penn Center on St. Helena Island.

The shrine circles the walls inside the courthouse atrium and consists of reproductions of important documents from throughout American history including the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Mayflower Compact, Japan’s Instrument of Surrender in World War 2 and many more.

exchangeclub3“The purpose of the re-dedication today is to draw attention to the educational value of the shrine,” said volunteer Ron Voegeli. “I was here when we dedicated it nearly 27 years ago. There’s a lot to learn on these walls,” he added.

Among speakers at the ceremony were S.C. Senator Tom Davis and Beaufort County Councilman Brian Flewelling. Tyler Fripp, a young student with the Neighborhood Outreach Connection read an excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, while several children in attendance held flags.

exchangeclub4For more information about the Exchange Club of Beaufort and its community support, visit or find them on Facebook here.

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