downtown day dock

Downtown day dock construction on schedule

downtown day dock

Construction of the new day dock in downtown Beaufort is on schedule. ESPB photo

Just over a month into the project, construction on the new day dock in downtown’s waterfront is moving along well, on schedule, and even better than expected.

The safety and construction perimeter has been established and major excavations of ramp area are nearly complete.  The impact to local businesses and operations appears to be less than expected. Despite the fencing, the playground is expected to remain open during the entire construction project, but will only be accessible through the gate adjacent to the public restrooms.
O’Quinn Marine continues to prepare for the construction of the gangway area along the promenade.   This work will continue through the 2nd week in April.  Between the 2nd and 4th week in April, piles will be installed followed by the floats and ramp.  During the pile-driving phase, some in the downtown district may hear the associated construction sounds, but the downtown area remains open for business and accessible to the public.  Hours of pile driving will be between 8am and 5pm.
Completion is expected no later than the 3rd week in May.
downtown day dock

Upon completion, the dock will allow boaters to have a spot to park their boats for free and enjoy downtown Beaufort. ESPB photo

When completed, the 200 foot long dock with an 80 foot gangway will be accessed by a ramp at the eastern (bridge side) side of Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park near the playground and will provide additional opportunities and capacity for those arriving to the downtown area by boat for day trips; allowing boaters to have a spot to park their boats for free and enjoy shopping and dining in downtown Beaufort. Something like this makes everyone happy.

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