Beaufort’s CJ Cummings sets new American records at World Championships

Beauforts cjcummings sets new record

Beaufort’s CJ Cummings sets new American records at World Championships

Beauforts cj cummings sets new record

He’s at it again. Participating in the International Weightlifting Federation’s World Championships in Anaheim, California over the weekend, Beaufort’s CJ Cummings set new American records in the snatch.

Cummings started off his performance at the 2017 IWF World Championships with a 3-for-3 performance in the snatch, making successful lifts at 136kg, 139kg, and then 141kg for a new Senior, Junior, and Youth American Record.

Records are nothing new to the 17 year old local phenom from Beaufort High School; Cummings already owned the Junior and Youth American records with 139kg, but his 141kg lift broke Alex Lee’s record at 140kg by a single kilogram.

Check out CJ’s record-breaking lift below.

This kid is just plain special and Beaufort just loves following its local star.

No lifter his age has ever broken a national record in the history of USA Weightlifting. In fact, C.J. has broken nearly every weightlifting record he has ever encountered and has officially been declared the strongest male his age in the world, by international weightlifting officials. Simply put by one observer, C.J. has no peers — nationally or internationally.

In fact, it’s reported that scientists as well as officials from the sport are completely baffled as to why C.J. can do the phenomenal things he can do with his strength.

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Our guess? Plenty of good local eating and healthy Lowcountry living.

Congrats on your record, CJ.




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