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Beaufort City Council and Administration support a park and open space at Whitehall

Beaufort City manager Bill Prokop reported to City Council on Tuesday night that a deal is in the works that may re‐evaluate the size, scope, management and maintenance of a proposed park for the Whitehall development.

“The city has always been a proponent of a park and open space as a part of the Whitehall development” said Mayor Keyserling. The city currently has an agreement in place with Beaufort County for an approximate 1.5 acre park on the site.

Preliminary plans show the park at the northwest tip of the property with a walkway connector to the existing pedestrian crossing of the Woods Memorial Bridge.

“There are many items that the Citizens of Beaufort need to be alldowed to weigh in on” said Prokop. There is a proposal being discussed in the community that may allow for funding to be available for the expansion of the proposed park to 10 acres. “This could be a long‐term commitment for the City of Beaufort that will see our grandchildren managing it and deserves to be appropriately vetted.”

The council charged City Manager Prokop with negotiating the issues at hand with the stakeholders in the possible expansion and bring a vetted proposal back to council for public debate.


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