‘Basement Bob’ begins scouting for locations and cast

'Basement Bob' begins scouting for locations and cast

Location scouting and casting has begun for Basement Bob, the latest feature film to be shot in Beaufort and the first one in some 15 years.

At a meet and greet for the Beaufort Film Society at The Old Bull Tavern in downtown on Thursday evening, co-director and producer V.W. Scheich announced that the movie’s promotional trailer will be shot within the next few months, and also said that casting and location scouting has been ongoing around Beaufort County.

Basement Bob, directed by both Gary Weeks and Scheich (both BIFF alums), centers around titular character Bob.  As one might gather from the title, Bob inhabits the basement of his ex-wife’s house.  When she decides to sell the home, Bob, who is still in love with her, decides to do whatever it takes to save his home and his marriage, going to every extreme necessary.

The film will shoot in Beaufort in the Fall of 2015 with a cast still to be determined, but Gary Weeks will star as Bob.

In another cool twist, interestingly, the IPBG has reported that there will be a Facebook contest on the movie’s Facebook page asking people for location suggestions and what memorable experience they had at that place. Whoever’s idea is picked…gets to be a featured extra in the movie.

That’s pretty cool.

We’ll have more updates on the filming as it progresses. For more information on the film, visit basementbobthemovie.com.



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