T-shirts go ‘on holiday’

England. Germany. Denmark. Estonia. Russia.  Over the past several weeks, we were fortunate enough to have had some fun publishing a multitude of photos on our Facebook Page depicting our t-shirts in those five countries.  Fortunate?  Yes.  We didn’t have plans to go out of the country this June, but some followers of our EatSleepPlayBeaufort social media had different ideas.

We thought it would make a very nice story…

Last April and May, in a promotional marketing campaign, gave away one-thousand t-shirts depicting the logo on both front and back.  We were pleased to find that several local businesses including Lulu Burgess, Panini’s on the Waterfront, Simply Southern, Barefoot Bubbas, Carolina Dog & Deli, and Steamer’s Pub were willing to assist in the giveaway by being locations from which folks can pick up the shirts.  Also, our friends at Beaufort Lifestyle were kind enough to give them away at April’s Softshell Crab Festival in Port Royal.  It all went quite well and nearly all 1000 shirts were given out over a three week period.  (There are more to come.)

Shortly thereafter, emails started coming in from folks who had gotten the shirts.  Attached to these messages were photos of the t-shirts being displayed in prominent places in cities from different parts of the United States, some with the person in the photo, and some without.  “This is such fun”, is exactly what we thought.  Some of the places the photos were take were Tulsa, Miami, Pittsburgh, Vero Beach, Florida, the Florida Keys, Daytona, Ft. Lauderdale, Louisville, both Winthrop University and Converse College, and even the small town of Vallonia, Indiana.  Some people are tourists sending in photos from their hometowns, but most are Beaufortonians taking the pride they possess in their hometown along with them on trips and vacations.

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That is what it’s all about.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been seeing lots of photos of our t-shirts from all over the world.  “How did that happen”, you ask?  We received an email one day in early June from a Lady’s Island resident who is a ‘fan’ of our Facebook page.  The fan, Carol Phillips Blue, asked us if it were possible to get one or two of the t-shirts to take with them on a trip overseas.  They were to leave on their scheduled vacation in just a couple of days.  We were able to get it to them, and to our suprise we received an email a few days later with a photo of the t-shirt in a phone booth, in London.

This was followed a few days later by emails from the Blues with photos of the hometown t-shirt from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Rostock, Germany.

The Blues enjoyed having fun with the t-shirts, and seized every opportunity to get a photo. In their emails, they quipped about “the t-shirt being hungry from all of the sight-seeing” in the message attached to the photo of the bratwurst cart in Germany.  The photos from Copenhagen included a canal cruise, and some local sightseeing.  “We’re having a great time with these pics!  And the other tourists are asking us what we’re doing and if they can help hold the shirt … lol”, said one email message.

We then received photos of the t-shirt taken in Tallinn, Estonia, and also in St. Petersburg, Russia, which is said to be one of the absolute most beautiful cities in the entire world.  Tallinn, an ex-Soviet eastern-European country, boasts the Church of Alexander Nevsky, and we also saw the shirt on a mannequin (0f sorts) outside of a local Tallinn store, the Baltic Amber.  Mrs. Blue raved about how spectacular the Russian churches were when commenting in her email about the photos from the historic Church of the Spilled Blood and the Steeples at Peterhof Palace, in St Petersburg.

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Throughout their vacation the Blues asked that they not be mentioned, which is why they made every effort not to be seen in any of the photos until the last ones at historic Stonehenge, in England.  Utilizing Mr. Blue’s walking stick over and over and over again to prop the shirt, and by placing the shirt on a satellite dish, and also on a doll/mannequin, they were able to maintain their anonymity.
Mrs. Blue said “we’d rather not want anyone to know that we’re out of the country, that sure wouldn’t be safe, now would it?”   We agree, wholeheartedly.  Common sense does prevail, on occasion.

We are very grateful to have shared this with Carol and TJ Blue.  Shared in their vacation.  Shared in their sense of community.

That is what it’s all about.


















For the full collection of t-shirt photos from the Blue’s vacation, click here.




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  1. My husband and I are going to visit our son (and new grandson) in Fairbanks, Alaska. I’m looking for a couple of tee shirts to take along with us. Any place I can purchse them here is Beaufort???

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